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The "L" Gallery Story

Lenore Randazzo has been in the Art world for most of her life. The "L" Gallery was opened in 1979 in a small shop on Greendale avenue. It was moved to a more prominent location in 1984, on Main street, right in downtown Greendale.

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Earl Green, Lenore, Lou Grappi

Lenore's love of the arts dates back to her childhood, when she was exposed to her mother's second husband, a fine artist by the name of LLoyd Fortuna. Mr. Fortuna's futuristic paintings have been displayed in the leading galleries of North America and Europe. His classic line drawings of space travel machines and interplanetary guidance grids are among the most curious and sought after of his early pieces.

Lenore's "L" Gallery is the haven of local artists. Greendale's rich local history in the arts is always on display at the "L" Gallery, with numerous showings from resident and visiting artists.

Currently "L" Gallery is showing the works of Lou Grappi, a wildly creative force from the mountains above Greendale. His current series on display is a collection based on used television sets and drumheads from local musicians. The televisions are tuned specifically by Mr. Grappi for each painted drumhead.

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Also on display, Earl Green's 30 year history of psychedelic masterpieces, a series that defies description. Many local art afficianados have been haunted by these images, and have reported actually hearing sounds and voices emanating from the paintings after prolonged viewing.

Mr. Green's latest, "ALASKA," is a complete departure from his previous work, and has a strange lingering quality that must be seen to be believed. "ALASKA" is on display in the "L" Gallery window. Come see for yourself.

The "L" Gallery is open seven days a week from 10 to 9, closing for one half hour at 12:00 noon and again at 4:19 pm.

Our Featured Artist: Earl Green

The "L" Gallery is proud to be featuring the multi-faceted career of Greendale's own Earl Green.

These paintings have to be seen in person to appreciate their variety and beauty.

Painting #34

Mr. Green uses a wide range of media to portray both abstract and visionary subject matter.

Our New Redwood Wing is featuring the work of Mr. Green. Click Here to Enter.

Painting #1

Painting #16

Painting #14

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